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Strawberry POS maps out the journey of sustained growth.
Receive orders from all sources, get real time insights, analytics, and leverage data- at one place.
Easy to learn and easy to use; getting started is as effortless as downloading a new app.
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Personalise customer experience & increase sales with our built-in assistant. Engage with customers based on their ordering patterns, behavior and loyalty.
Manage personalised and relevant campaigns through SMS to increase orders.


Accelerate table side ordering with tables that send orders directly to the kitchen. It’s easy to use and designed to boost table turnover. Sync your front-of-house to your back-of-house.
Simple ordering and fast payment process that works even offline.

“The interface is super simple, it's not so complicated to learn and to use. Orders come from table side ordering feature. All you have to do is 4-5 clicks, and your billing is done which makes it super convenient.”

Shasti JainFounder, Potet

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