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With Strawberry, you have access to recent business intelligence & insights
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• Interactive reports that provide you with a scannable overview of your metrics.

• Know how your staff is doing by running a sales exception report.

• Accessible 24 x 7 / 365 on your mobile.


• Track all menu sales to know what is contributing to your sales, and those that are weighing down your bottom line.

• Detailed customer analysis with the ability to send marketing reminders.


Leverage Data

Pair demographic data and purchase history with intelligently restricted discounts to create business-growing results.

Review Performance

Review performance by location or by enterprise. Market to a group of locations or to the entire brand.

Gain Control

Control what owners, managers, and employees can do based on their affiliation to different locations or groups of locations.

“I dont believe GST Compliances are major issue for us. That's where Strawberry takes our part. Since its cloud based system, everything is online, I am pretty sure that all of GST thing gonna happen in nanoseconds with just a click using Strawberry system.”

Shiv NarulaFounder, Jungle Jamboree

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