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Make your restaurant work for you. Gain visibility into your stock,
reduce waste, over-buying, and theft control with Strawberry.
Use inventory variance to increase profits and reduce costs.
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Food Cost Calculator

Track every ingredient’s stock level, by attaching recipes directly to products. Use this food cost report to track, calculate and predict your food costs. Save on costs and increase profits.
Easy Inventory Setup

Set up your key items to track your top selling ingredients. We provide a tutorial to guide you along the way. Expanding to the full menu is only a couple minutes per recipe.
Inventory Variance Report

Compare your real inventory to your speculative inventory, so you can see where your variances remain- waste, theft, burnt food, and over-portioning.

Menu Logistics

Evaluate your best sellers alongside your most profitable items; see what’s growing or slowing your business, and update your menu accordingly.


• Measure costs per item remotely and analyze item-wise profitability.

• Manage stores and purchasing by keeping track of vendor contracts.

• Track recipes to keep consistency and know what to reorder, and when.

• Monitor usage at regular intervals & manage dispatch with frequent updates.

“We have used inventory to basically track what we're sending, what is being consumed, what is the stock there, obviously identify any locations where we have sent out additional stock and then got wasted. The wastage gets recorded. Being an integrated panel, you can identify loophole at each stage. let it be a purchase, transfer or consumption, wherever it is, you get full insights.”

RobinFounder, Tpot

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