Intuitive Customer Loyalty

Give your diners a reason to return by earning rewards based on spending with Strawberry’s built-in loyalty program.
Integrate loyalty signup with the ordering and payment process.
Customize the points and reward process to increase your profitability.
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Reward guests based on their spending, milestones, behavior and visits.
Create a customized reward structure to cater to your restaurant and clients.
Guests get points for every rupee they spend which they can redeem with future engagement.


Loyalty integrated into the POS to allows restaurants to track customer’s spending, preferences, and understand their behavior. Know what keeps them coming back.
One app that lets diners check their points and redeem rewards.
Incentivize loyalty by adding rewards to signing up.

“Gaining loyalty of a customer is easy for us, they get personalised message from the restaurant instead of bulk messages, which leaves impact on customer's mind. That's why I find strawberry better than all other systems”

Sabaah S SheikhOwner, Cafe Illuminati

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